Symptoms of Nail Fungus

The symptoms of nail fungus can vary from person to person, and if you don’t cure the infection on time, you will have trouble with removing the infection later.

So that’s why you need to start removing the fungal infection right away.

In this post, I will show you 3 early symptoms of nail fungus that you don’t want to avoid.

Stage 1- This is the Initial Stage (around 30 days of infection)get rid of fungal infection

If you somehow caught your nail fungal infection in the initial stage, then remedies like Apple Cider Vinegar or Tea Tree Oil might work well for you.

It is very hard to identify the infection so you will need to look for these symptoms:

  • You can see white fungus starting on your nail.
  • You can also start to notice that your nail is becoming brittle.

Stage 2- This is the Rooted Stage (30 days to 5 months infection)

home remedies for fungal infectionIf you are in the second stage of the infection then you need to start your treatment immediately.

So if you don’t cure it while you are on the second stage than you will need to get a laser surgery that will cost you A LOT OF MONEY.

So I suggest to save your money and start to treat the infection while you still can.

The symptoms of this stage:

  • Your nail begins to thicken
  • Your nail is covered with nail fungus
  • Your nails are starting to break and they are losing the shape of normal nail

Stage 3- This is the WORST and the UGLIEST stage (5+ months infection)fungal treatment

If your nail fungal infection looks like this, then you aren’t going to be happy because this can only be cleared with extra-strength treatment.

And you will need around 4 – 6 months to completely remove the infection.

The symptoms of this stage:

  • Your nail is¬†completely covered in fungus
  • Your nails are extremely brittle
  • It is very painful and itchy


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